Junior Isabel Jensen’s TikTok was featured in TikTok ad

Junior Isabel Jensen and her grandfather watch a music video together for a TikTok. Jensen said she thinks her videos went viral because they involve interacting with other people, which is a heartwarming experience.
February 21, 2020

What are your goals with TikTok? The goal is to make other people happy, but the main priority is just because I like to do it. So I just make the videos that I like to make. It makes me happy. And if...

Viral Effects: Students who went viral on social media learn to deal with positive, negative feedback

Senior Brandon “Bino” Sandy watches a TikTok he and his friends filmed. His video  received 459,100 “hearts” and 8.7 million views on Twitter.
April 19, 2019

“Going viral” was something senior Brandon Sandy and his friends never expected. However, after creating a TikTok-a short music video-in mid-February, Sandy noticed a countless number of notifications...

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