In light of World Health Day on April 7, changes in diet lead to improved mental, physical health amongst students

Junior Melissa Su divides her lunch into individual boxes to make it easier to bring in the morning. Su said she started focusing on having a more balanced diet last month.

Uma Kandallu

March 20, 2020

Junior Melissa Su typically starts off her day by eating a breakfast with eggs. She then prepares a lunch centered around vegetables and ends the day by eating a protein-focused dinner.  Su said she follows a diet in which she doesn’t eat processed foods Mondays through Fridays but eats how she wa...

Waiting for Weight. Top jazz bands should be weighted.

Waiting for Weight. Top jazz bands should be weighted.

Bryce Cheng

December 14, 2017

Going into my fourth and final year of the jazz program at CHS, I can’t help but feel excited and sad at the same time. From the talented group of musicians to the dedicated directors, this program has nurtured a valuable progression both in my musicianship and overall character. With that being sa...

Muscle mass may be more useful for determining health than Body Mass Index


October 23, 2012

Nathanael “Nate” Thompson, football player and sophomore, said he knows he weighs more than he should. On the scale, he weighs more than expected for his height. Standing 6 feet tall, Thompson weighs 190 pounds, which puts him at 25.8 on the Body Mass Index (BMI) scale. According to the scale,...