Michael’s Restaurant flops for breakfast, lunch

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By: Meher Ahmad <mahmad@hilite.org>

In a sea of modern restaurants with an array of ethnic food and innovative ideas, it’s become increasingly hard to find old-fashioned family restaurants of times past.

Michael’s Family Restaurant stands out from the crowd in this sense, but not much else. The cozy nook serves a wide array of morning foods as well as a few lunch meals.

Patrons may particularly enjoy the Belgian waffles with strawberries. The fluffy dish never fails to fill up hungry breakfast-goers. Michael’s serves their waffles with hot syrup and fresh fruit topping, separating them from the run-of-the-mill canned version. However, there are better Belgian waffles out there.

As for the country sausage skillet, things didn’t go much better. An interesting mixture of various vegetables and hash browns topped with egg and cheese, the skillet was a bit on the greasy side. The amount of salt was higher than many taste buds are used to, but it wasn’t bad either.

The eggs, sunny side up with cheese topping, were the best part of the breakfast. The skillet was served with toast and butter, leaving the average customer relatively full. Besides the food, the staff at Michael’s was anything but average.

Quick in response and always helping their customers, the waitresses were friendly and polite. With a wide choice of dishes to choose from, they were especially patient and helpful in choosing a meal. The restaurant itself was not the new age modern setting most are used to, but it was comforting to see a place that keeps the family restaurant tradition. With simple tables and old-fashioned wall paper, Michael’s seems to attract more than just old-timers. Children and young families can be seen there often on weekends filling up on the comfort food.

Since it is only open from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., it is hard for high schoolers to find time to eat at Michael’s. However, Michael’s Restaurant serves food to go for hungry patrons in a hurry. Patrons can call ahead and pick it up before school.

Although Michael’s stands out in its décor and staff, the restaurant does not impress in much else. The food is mediocre at best, lacking any special ingredients or flavors. While the staff stands out in their politeness, it doesn’t make up for the food. If you’re looking for home-style food, this is the place. But for above-average food, look elsewhere.