Super Bowler


Junior Joe Marichal is a competitive bowler
By Hafsa Razi
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How did you get involved in competitive bowling?

I started off bowling competitively in eighth grade because there’s this traveler’s bowling at Woodland Bowl, and they asked me to try out for that. (Now) I do (traveling bowling) and also I bowl for the school and also just for fun.

How often do you have bowling competitions?

Competitions are weekly, like every Sunday. And during the bowling season for the school, there’s actually two a week, one for the school on Thursdays, and then Sundays for the traveling bowling.

What kind of practice do you do for these bowling competitions?

There’s not really any drills. You just practice by bowling a lot of games. Just by bowling for experience, you learn how to do things from experience.

What’s the highest score you’ve made in a bowling competition?


I’ve shot a 278 (out of 300). That would have been, like, last year when that happened.

Do you expect to continue bowling throughout or after high school?

Yeah, I expect to continue bowling throughout by entire life.

What have you learned from your experience in bowling?

Bowling has taught me how to be able to control emotions, not to get too angry about things, not to get too high on yourself when you’re doing well.