Senior Tori Campbell expresses herself as an artist through painting and drawing



What makes you unique as an artist?
As an artist what makes me unique would be that I’m using my art to further my skills so that one day I can use it in animation and hopefully work for Walt Disney or Pixar.

How do you choose a subject to paint?
Choosing a subject to paint is actually very difficult. Coming up with the idea is one of the hardest processes because I just like to do things that are close to me, or sometimes if they’re not as close I just think of things that are interesting.

What is your favorite art medium to use and why?
I think my favorite (art) medium to use, at least right now, would have to be charcoal, because it’s really fun to smear with water and see how all the streaks affect it, because its more of a chalky substance and it’s really interesting to use. In general, over the past couple years (charcoal) has been really fun to use.
Have you ever been received an award for your art?
Yes, last year at the art show when all the (students) put up their art from the Art Department, I got an award from the Carmel Arts Council. I got best in show for the digital design project and then a couple years ago I went to (Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp), and got an honorable mention.

Was there a technique that was especially challenging for you to learn?
The technique of using watercolor is still kind of a struggle (for me) to get the darks and lights, without blending them too much, to be just one heavy medium.

Are you involved in any art classes or extracurriculars at school?
The art classes that I’ve taken at school would be Drawing 1 through 4, Studio Art, AP Studio Art, Digital Design 1 through 3, Painting, Photography, Digital Photography and Art History.