Halloween events coming up at CHS



CEF to host Ghosts and Goblins walk/run

On Oct. 26, the Carmel Education Foundation (CEF) will host the annual Ghost and Goblins 5K/2K walk/run. It will start at CHS near the main cafeteria and go through the Arts and Design district.

This year, the CEF wants to have different teams, intramurals and clubs involved to add a spirit of competition to the Ghosts and Goblins. They are currently in the process of kicking off all the publicity for the run and hope to generate more excitement through the addition of glow-in-the-dark t-shirts this year instead of the usual solid colors.

To advertise at CHS, the CEF is partnering with the National Honors Society (NHS) to hand out informational cards at events and put up posters to generate spirit for the run.

“I have been doing (the Ghosts and Goblins run) for four years—since it started,” said Eric Langowski, member of the Ghosts and Goblins committee in NHS and senior. “It’s usually the last time I run until the winter ends.”

Through the Ghosts and Goblins run, along with other events, the CEF will raise money to give to teachers within the Carmel Clay school system as grants.

Barbara Danquist, co-executive director of the Carmel Education Foundation, said, “This is one way that we raise money so that we can give it back to teachers so that they can enhance the academics of the students in their classrooms.”

UNICEF, Key Club fundraise for third-world countries

On Halloween, CHS’ UNICEF members collaborate with Key Club participants in trick-or-treating for donations to third-world countries. This fundraiser event, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, is scheduled to occur after school, where members carry around “Collect for UNICEF” boxes and ask for money instead of candy. Key Club and UNICEF members are not required to participate in this event; however, the money raised will be given to children in third-world countries for medical supplies, refugee camps, clean food and water supplies.

Natasha Crasta, Key Club vice president and junior said, “It’s a cool way for us (Key Club members) to collaborate with other groups and to give back to the community.”

Janine Tang, UNICEF vice president and junior, agrees and said it is not difficult to raise money.

“Basically you just ask friends and family members for change because most people just want to get rid of it,” Tang said.

Sponsor Jill Noel agrees and encourages more members to join due to the minimal amount of money raised from Trick-or-Treat the previous years. “We are going to try really hard to increase the members because this is a very serious situation in these countries, and with a little bit of money, we could save a lot of lives,” Noel said.

According to Tang and Noel, all donations raised will be sent to the UNICEF branch in New York.

House members organize “Trick-or-Treat for Riley”

House will host its third annual “Trick-or-Treat for Riley” event on Oct. 26 at the Freshman Cafeteria and on the first floor of the Freshman Center in order to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital.

According to sponsor Sarah Wolff, House members will be divided into several groups, each of which will portray a chosen theme by dressing up, passing out candy, decorating and holding activities. Although the event is targeted at younger children, Leo Biette, Speaker of the House, said he encourages students to get involved.

“(Students) can talk to younger kids they know about coming to the school to have a safe trick-or-treating environment that goes to a great cause,” Biette said. “Donating candy for the kids is also appreciated.”

Despite its past successes, Wolff said House members have many new goals for this year’s event.

“We want to give the kids who are participating  in more activities to do instead of just walking around and getting candy,” Wolff said. “That’s what makes this event so successful, that we do more than just pass out candy. We make this a real Halloween experience by having activities and themes.”

Griffin Hoover, House member and senior, said House is also hoping to collect more donations for Riley.

“Last year, people were very generous in donations, but this year we want to make a bigger push for donations cause’ it goes to Riley, which is really important to our community,” Hoover said. “We really want to help Riley more this year.”