Choral Department considers changes in performances


By Michelle Yun
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Though nothing has been decided, the choral department is considering changing some aspects of Holiday Spectacular and the spring concert for the coming years. One of the more prominent reasons behind this is the large number of students who will participate and sing for the choir.“We have a problem because we have so many students now who sing, which is a lovely problem to have,” Choir Director Ann Conrad said. “It is very difficult to get them all on stage as we have done before. We have talked about possibly changing the concept of the show but there has been nothing decided.”

According to Matthew Hook, member of Ambassadors and junior, Holiday Spectacular has consisted of two acts. The first act consists of individual choirs, mostly choreographed with some featured songs by only a few people. The second act is where each choir sings eight numbers without choreography and ends with Silent Night. Next year, according to Hook, Holiday Spectacular may be a mix of Act I-type songs and Act II choral-type songs. 
“People have felt that Act II has become too boring,” Hook said. “Some people don’t like to sit through eight choral numbers after watching a whole act filled with crazy choreography and costumes.”

In addition, there are also safety issues involved. One of the reasons the choral directors are thinking about changing the format of Holiday Spectacular is it is not safe for all the students to be on stage at once. Caroline Marshall, member of Blue and Gold Connection and junior, said the choral directors are thinking about changing the format of Holiday Spectacular so that dance numbers and traditional holiday songs will be in both acts. Also, they considered having two spring concerts this year, but it looks like there will be only one.

“The department is changing (some plans) because the amount of people enrolled in choir this year and next year,” Marshall said. “It’s not safe anymore for the entire department to be on stage at once, like we had been for Act II of Holiday Spectacular. It will probably be safer for everyone and less time-consuming. But, some traditions will also be lost, such as the mass numbers in Holiday Spectacular.”

Hook also said he hopes the discussed changes, if carried out, will make people more excited for Holiday Spectacular. 

“(Changes) will mix up the types of songs we do, so it won’t be quite as predictable,” Hook said. “While I personally loved Act II, I think this is a good idea for the show. I know people get a little anxious during Act II, and I hope this way Spec will be a bit more entertaining.”