Tradition Never Graduates. Students at CHS must strive to keep and make traditions.

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w.MullerOne of the slogans CHS has adopted over the years is “tradition never graduates.” That’s a nice thought. Carmel legacy living on for generations to come. However tradition did graduate and took with it the remainder of the heirlooms which made Carmel unique. The traditions that I became accustomed to during my underclassmen years have vanished. No more are the days of immense school spirit, with everyone laden in ridiculous costumes during homecoming week and events of that nature. Remember the days when teachers literally had to hold back seniors from going crazy at convocations? How about the good-natured senior pranks? Or the so-called respect we would get from the underclassmen? All the things that myself, and other seniors, had worked toward and longed for the past four years are no longer. But who is to blame for this terrible fall in tradition? The administration? Probably. The student body? Definitely. If CHS wants to carry on its traditions, it has to start with the students. Now is the time to start new traditions; traditions that will stick and traditions that are worthy of “never graduating.” At the same time, administration needs to create a more lenient policy towards what seniors can and cannot do. With the strictness that is in place now, it is almost impossible for students to continue any of these traditions. The student body and administration need to work together in order to find a compromise that will benefit the students, yet still keeping order within the school. Caitlin Muller will be attending DePauw University in the Fall. Reach her at [email protected]