Ready for another showdown


Carmel and Warren. The last game came down to the last few plays. Anybody else feel like they have seen this before?

This time, however, the scripts are flipped. Carmel beat Warren at Lucas Oil Stadium 10-7 in overtime, as opposed to Warren’s last second field goal to beat Carmel in the Circle City Classic last year. This year, Warren is the underdog. This year, Carmel is many people’s choice to win the State Championship.

Also, this year, the teams come into the game with completely different teams. I am no expert on either team by any means, but everyone knows that Carmel lost a lot of talent last year, and so did Warren. Somehow, though, both teams have managed to not miss a beat and new players have stepped into their roles nicely.

Now, though, it is not about what happened in the regular season. It is not about who replaced their talent more. What it will come down to is who can play better on Friday night. It is no secret that our team’s strength this year is the defense, although I think the offense is ready for a breakthrough this weekend. From what I have seen and heard, Warren is much of the same. Their 3 MIC losses have been by a combined 13 points, making them a very respectable opponent despite their deceiving 4-5 record. They have a defense that can hold its own with anybody, as they showed when they held Carmel’s offense to 10 points in the Circle City Classic earlier this year.

This game will come down to which team’s offense can break through against the opponent’s stout defense, and I think it will be Carmel. Look for receiver and junior Thomas Baldwin to have a big game for the ‘Hounds. After being injured last year in the regular season game against Warren, I think he will be the difference maker in Friday’s game.

You probably are thinking that I have to say Carmel will win because I write for the Carmel HiLite, but that is not at all the case. I truly believe that Carmel will win the game on Friday night. I think the factors of the student section (yes, they do impact the game), the anger of the loss to Ben Davis and the overall rivalry will help Carmel pull off a victory. Just a warning, it might not be pretty. With both of these talented defenses, yards will not come easily.

My prediction for the game: Carmel 13, Warren 6

But don’t just let me have all the fun, join in and make your predictions.

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