The Reason Carmel is an Even Luckier City Than We Thought


Just about everyone in Carmel knows that it is a great place to live. But here is another reason that the city of Carmel is culturally ahead of most suburban cities, even some of the wealthier ones.

The reason: The Center for the Performing Art, which includes the Palladium.

Since its opening in January of 2011, the Palladium has provided a venue for some of the most gifted and well-known performers in the world. Without a place like this, it is hard to imagine any of the phenomenal people who have graced the Palladium stage coming to Carmel, Indiana. To name a few, B.B. King, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson and many others have performed at the Palladium in the last few years.

I would encourage anyone to check out as many performances as they can from the upcoming 2014-2015 season. Here are some highlights that have me excited:

September 15: Willie Nelson & Family– Legendary country music artist Willie Nelson has a career that spans more than six decades. The “Red Headed Stranger” continues to tour heavily and has added Carmel to his schedule.

October 3: Trace Adkins– Selling over ten million albums, Trace Adkins is a Grammy-nominated country music superstar.

November 21: Tony Bennett– One of the longest lasting talents in popular music, Tony Bennett is a jazz legend and one of the foremost performers of traditional pop standards.

April 18: Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea- These two keyboardists are among the most important influences on jazz of our time. In a rare duo performance, these legends will come together for an evening of incredible music.

May 2: The Fab Four– I can personally attest, after seeing the band last year at the Palladium, that this is the best Beatles cover band you will ever see. Their unique multimedia stage production will make you think you are experiencing the real thing.

If none of these, or all of these, acts interest you, check out the full performance calendar.