Junior Sara Fam won a custom prom dress made by Senior Jenny Seo of the Sew Unique club

By Cassie Dugan
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What got you interested in fashion in the first place?
Oh wow. Well I’ve always been interested in fashion since I was really little. I just love clothes and love styling myself every morning. It’s just come sort of naturally, I guess.

How did the idea of the prom dress contest come about?
Well, with Sew Unique, it is a club where all the members meet to sew. But I really wanted to do something that would allow us to all unify so we could do something together as a project. So I went into a deep thinking process and thought of the prom dress contest since everyone is so into prom, and it’s like the big thing in high school. I thought this contest would be really cool to create.

How was the winner of the contest chosen?
We folded all the entries and then each member (of Sew Unique) would draw one. From there, after we had each drawn one, we picked a number one through 10 and whoever guessed the closest number got to open their piece of paper. We tried to do it equally so it wasn’t like just one person was picking a random one out of the bunch.

How did you and (junior) Sara Fam, meet and decide how she wants her dress made?
We all met at Hancock’s fabric store. We went through all the pattern books and suggested certain patterns and what we thought would look flattering on her. We wanted it to be a dress that she would fall in love with and that she would love to wear to prom. So she got to pick out her own fabrics and what colors she wanted.

Who is helping out in making the dress?
Myself and the members of Sew Unique. We used to have meetings like every other week, but since prom is coming soon, we’ve been having meetings like every week now.

Do you have anything to add?
The good thing about the contest is that it makes a custom made dress, and we actually took a lot of time to resize the patterns for her. She got to pick out what kind of design and the fabric material she wanted. Another benefit to it is that it is going to be one of the openings for the fashion show this year. So that is really exciting for the winner as well. The show is May 22 during SRT in the auditorium.



What made you decide to enter your name in the contest?
I’d  heard that my friend did it, and she had told me about it. I thought it was pretty interesting and cool, so I entered.

How do you want your dress custom-made?
I want it to be a lavender/purple color. It’s going to be kind of tight at the top and then flow out at the bottom. The top is going to be a tube top.

What did you think the odds were that your name would be drawn?
I didn’t even think about it because I was like, “No, there is no way I’m going to win.” So I didn’t even have it put in my mind. I just entered and forgot about it. I knew there was going to be like a 99 percent chance that I was not going to win, but I did so it’s all good.

How long did it take to find out you had won the dress?
I’d say about two weeks, maybe.

Do you know anyone else who entered her name in the contest?
My friend (junior) Kati Feller entered. She heard about it from a friend and entered and then she told me about it. (Aside from Kati), no.

When and where did you turn in your form?
(I entered) like the day before the last day. I filled (the form) out and actually I’m in fashion. I was going to go to the room to turn in it but it was locked, so I gave it to my (fashion) teacher to give to the other teacher.

How did you find out that you had won?
One day when I was in class my fashion teacher was like, “Let’s congratulate Sara because she won the (contest).” So my fashion teacher told me.

What were your emotions once you found out that you had won?
I was really excited and really looking forward to picking out the patterns and the colors and all of that. I was really anticipating all of that stuff.