Freshman class creates brand new student section exclusively for freshmen



It was an ordinary day of football practice until freshman Griffin Gonzalez sat next to freshman Matthew Wolfe and decided he wanted to create a freshman-only student section at CHS, now known as Fresh Game.

“We did this at Clay last year, and we would just go insane and have fun, and we decided we wanted to do that at high school,” Gonzalez, who, along with Wolfe, is a co-founder of Fresh Game, said.

According to Gonzalez, only 56 students were at the first meeting, but two weeks later there were 105. This officially made Fresh Game larger than Big Game, which has roughly 75 members, according to Kunj Patel, Big Game officer and senior.

Fresh Game sponsor Wesley Drew said Gonzalez came to him with the idea in the fall.

“(Gonzalez) was interested in creating a freshman group similar to Big Game that could focus on raising attendance and energy at freshman games,” Drew said via email. “It seemed like a great idea so I told them to run with it.”

Wolfe also said Fresh Game has a big impact on the players.

“For those who are playing, I believe a group of classmates cheering for them as they play their sport gives them more pride to win,” Wolfe said.

Gonzalez also said the club helps students make good choices.

“Our big thing is that high school is a period of time where things can go really, really well for you or really wrong for you, and we think it’s a lot healthier for you to be hanging with your friends at a girl’s basketball game when you’re all dressed preppy and making crazy chants and having a good time and going to Steak n’ Shake afterwards rather than hanging in a basement somewhere. I believe that’s a healthier lifestyle and a healthier choice,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez also described Fresh Game as an extension of the Big Game club currently at CHS.

“Fresh Game is basically the Big Game for freshmen,” Gonzalez said. “It’s basically a group of people that get together and go to freshman athletic events or we go to support freshmen.”

For example, Gonzalez said they went out to support two freshmen on the women’s varsity basketball team.

As co-founders of the club, Gonzalez and Wolfe said they each have responsibilities they must fulfill.

“Basically my job is to update Twitter, Instagram and send out Remind101s to let (members) know themes, where the game is, what the game is and times,” Gonzalez said.

Wolfe said his responsibilities include, “trying to be the best role model for all of the Fresh Gamers. I also had to help think of theme ideas, organize events, promote games and, lastly, lead the student in chants.”

In terms of the future, Gonzalez said he hopes to impact the CHS student section as a whole.

“My hope is that we can make Carmel student section, by the time we’re seniors, the greatest student section of all time,” Gonzalez said. “I want people to be scared to come to play at Carmel, which usually they already are, but I want us to be the Seattle Seahawks of the IHSAA. I want people to be scared to come play Carmel. I want people to be like ‘oh you know Carmel’s a tough place to play.’ That’s the environment I’m looking for.”