CHS Theater prepares for upcoming Studio One Acts


The CHS Theater recently started rehearsals for the Studio One Acts. The acts will run from Sept. 22 to 24. This year, the five acts are: “Blind Date,” “The Curious Act of Critique,” “Drugs Are Bad,” “On the Porch One Crisp Spring Morning” and “Roll Over, Beethoven.”

Junior Lauren Alexander plays Marcia in “Blind Date.” According to Alexander, her character is set up on a blind date with a man who is actually blind. She also said her character is awkward and clumsy, allowing hilarity to ensue.

“(My character) hasn’t been on a lot of dates, so she’s just really awkward… about everything, and she doesn’t realize what’s she’s saying, and it’s funny with the blind guy because she says stuff and it’s like ‘oh no, I didn’t mean to say that, I’m so sorry!’ and (is then) very apologetic,” Alexander said.

Jim Peterson, director of theatre and film, said the five short, one-act plays are directed by five seniors, and he gives advice to help the students as they direct their peers.

“I think these one-act plays are really funny and work very well together,” Peterson said via email. By Nyssa Qiao