Club Spotlight: Carmel ComedySportz

Dariush Khurram February 16, 2022

Jim Peterson, ComedySportz sponsor Can you give me a brief overview of what ComedySportz is? It’s a performance of improvisation between two competing teams. We have a school team from our school....

Q&As with student, teacher on their thoughts on rebooted movies, TV shows

Arya Pinnamaneni December 12, 2021

SENIOR WEST INMON From a viewer’s perspective, why might a studio reboot a show or movie? “A lot of times I think it’s, ‘Why make something new when you already have something great?’ So...

Theatre student and sophomore Theodore Curtis practices his lines and his part in preparation for the “Radio Mystery Theatre.” The cast held their show on Nov. 12 through Nov. 14. The radio show focused on a murder mystery and how the case was solved.

Theater students, faculty discover sense of community, excitement for remainder of year

Jasmine Zhang, Student Section Reporter April 23, 2021

As spring performances such as Stand Up Comedy Night (April 13 in the Studio Theater) and Verbatim Theatre (April 23 in the Studio Theater) approach, theater students said they are excited to bring forth...

Jim Peterson (farthest back), co-director of theater and film who has worked at CHS since 1992, poses with the Rising Star club before the Homecoming parade in 2007. “(The Homecoming parade) was a really special time,” he said.

Students, teachers speak on feelings of nostalgia after year of non-traditional school

Kruti Subbannavar and Raghav Sriram April 20, 2021

Hybrid scheduling challenged senior Anna Pescio’s expectations for her senior year. Although she said she was disappointed not to be able to go to prom with her junior friends, she found solace in looking...

Theater department prepares for devised theater and stand up comedy unit

Kruti Subbannavar March 2, 2021

According to theater department headtheater Jim Peterson, the theater classes will start preparing for their upcoming stand-up comedy and devised theater unit. Peterson said the stand-up comedy performance...

Theater Department on plans, upcoming events for second semester

Kruti Subbannavar January 19, 2021

The Theater Department has a number of things lined up for the upcoming semester. According to department head Jim Peterson, the upcoming semester will include the winter production of “Much Ado About...

Theater Department talks about plans after “Radio Mystery Plays”

Kruti Subbannavar November 24, 2020

The Theater Department is now gearing up for upcoming events after the “Radio Mystery Plays” on November 12-14. According to theater teacher Jim Peterson, students are getting ready for their Monologue...

Theater cast members rehearse for their upcoming production “Murder in Focus” on Nov. 2. The cast expressed their excitement and enthusiasm to perform this production as many of the other shows were cancelled this year.

Theater class prepares for fall production, implement new COVID-19 protocols

Pallevi Pillai November 17, 2020

The theater department is preparing for its fall production, “Radio Mystery Theatre.” The performances will take place at 7 p.m. on Nov. 12, 13, and 14 at the Dale E. Graham Auditorium. Tickets are...

Theater department getting ready for fall plays

Kruti Subbannavar November 8, 2020

The theater department is getting ready to perform the fall plays for 2020. According to theater department head Jim Peterson, the plays will include Radio Mysteries and Red Ribbon Plays. Peterson said...

Junior Madeline Blank smiles as she rewatches old episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney+. With the renewal of old shows, many teenagers are revisiting their childhood in nostalgic remembrance of their favorite shows.

Resurgence of popular TV shows from 2000s prompts students feeling of nostalgia

Emily Carlisle October 23, 2020

If you have been on TikTok recently you have likely seen trends surrounding 2000s TV shows such as “Clone High” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” These shows have been gaining popularity for a...

Jack Sullivan, Reagan Nagel, Ella Owens and Theo Curtis rehearse for the Studio One Acts for this upcoming week. They star in the play called Regina Flector Wins the Science Fair directed by senior Muriel Mota Schaffer. Nagel plays Regina, Sullivan plays Bradley, Owens plays Tiffany and Curtis plays Sam.

Theater department to get ready for Studio One Acts

Kruti Subbannavar September 20, 2020

The Theater Department is gearing up for its first performance in Studio Theater Acts to be held on Sept. 24, 25 and 26 respectively. These acts will be held in the CHS Studio Theater and will take place...

Junior Austin Audia performs during a ComedySportz match after school. Members often incorporate unique styles of humor to win ComedySportz

With growing presence in media, stand-up comedy becomes more mainstream

Emily Carlisle January 23, 2020

Although the date is undecided, theatre students will soon host a Stand-Up Comedy Night. The lineup is not set for the show yet; however, it will feature a few different students. Sarah Warf, ComedySportz...

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