Theater department prepares for devised theater and stand up comedy unit

Kruti Subbannavar

According to theater department headtheater Jim Peterson, the theater classes will start preparing for their upcoming stand-up comedy and devised theater unit. Peterson said the stand-up comedy performance will take place on Apr. 13 and the devised theater performance will take place on Apr. 15 live in the Studio Theater. Peterson said students would be able to choose their interested area of study and decide on the plays they wanted to perform.

“Many students are afraid of stand-up comedy, so they will choose to work on a devised theater piece,” Peterson said.

According to senior Jack Ducat, this unit will also include something called verbatim theater. Ducat said it was newly added to their curriculum this year and will have actors interview various people about a topic and compile that into a play that will later be performed. Ducat said he had not made his choice on what type of theater to study as of yet.

Senior Ivy Nugent, however, has already picked stand-up theater as her subject of study. Nugent said, “Basically we are learning about how to format a stand-up routine and we have to do certain things like stand-up transcriptions of famous comedian stand-up routines and write out our own scripts and routines.”