Theater Department talks about plans after “Radio Mystery Plays”

Kruti Subbannavar

The Theater Department is now gearing up for upcoming events after the “Radio Mystery Plays” on November 12-14.

According to theater teacher Jim Peterson, students are getting ready for their Monologue Night, which is a way for college representatives to observe potential students.

Senior Jack Ducat said that due to COVID-19, Monologue Night will be virtual this year, with the students working on them in class, and filming themselves at home.

Peterson said that the recorded monologues will be sent out for all students to watch. Peterson also said that the Theater classes will be split in half after “Monologue Night”, with some students starring in the February production of “Much Ado About Nothing” directed by theater teacher Maggie Cassidy.

Senior Ivy Nugent said that she was part of the production and that rehearsals will start shortly. Nugent, who will also be participating in Monologue Night, will be playing the character Verges in the production of “Much Ado About Nothing.” The other half of the class will be writing their own short sketches, scenes and skits on the theme of Social Emotional Learning Education. These performances will also be videotaped and sent to the middle schools for them to watch around the same time as the production of “Much Ado About Nothing” in February.