Performing Arts staff, students  discuss east side construction, implications

Performing Arts staff, students discuss east side construction, implications

Dariush Khurram September 23, 2021

Construction that will renovate outdated and outsized facilities in the performing arts department has greatly impacted the activities of the department.      Chris Kreke, performing arts department...

Q&A with New Edition Member Julia Dong and Dance Captain Ashley Elmore

Q&A with New Edition Member Julia Dong and Dance Captain Ashley Elmore

Jillian Moore May 12, 2021

Julia Dong, New Edition member Do you think vaccinations will allow for more freedom in choir dances? Yeah, I think vaccinations for sure will definitely allow for more freedom in choir dances, especially...

Performing arts Department to undergo renovations

Performing arts Department to undergo renovations

Saumya Somasi May 6, 2021

  As the end of May approaches, and June begins, the performing arts department, including the band, orchestra, and choir rooms, will undergo a series of renovations, according to Chris Kreke,...

Come Support Accents at Center Green on April 25 from 3 to 4 p.m. [Of Stage and Screen]

Emily Carlisle April 23, 2021

Hi everyone and welcome back to “Of Stage and Screen.” As we know, the past year has been anything but normal. And the pandemic has hit the performing arts HARD. Coming up on April 25, the Accents...

Yumi Colombo, president of Accents and senior, rehearses after school for the upcoming community shows. The shows’ set will be 1940s-themed, and Colombo said she cannot wait to perform again.

CHS show choirs modify spring competition season

Emily Carlisle March 18, 2021

This year, most groups and teams that compete or perform in any aspect have had to drastically change their plans of attack; the show choirs at this school are no exception. Last year’s show choir competition...

Performing arts department to renovate, expand

Olivia Stock December 9, 2020

Construction will soon begin to make modifications to the current performing arts department through renovation and expansion. According to Chris Kreke, performing arts department chairman, the school...

Theater Department talks about plans after “Radio Mystery Plays”

Kruti Subbannavar November 24, 2020

The Theater Department is now gearing up for upcoming events after the “Radio Mystery Plays” on November 12-14. According to theater teacher Jim Peterson, students are getting ready for their Monologue...

Choirs work toward performance in October, among other goals

Emily Carlisle November 11, 2020

Performing Arts have had to alter their schedule and how they go about performing. There are plans for a modified fall concert that will be filmed on October 10. Director of Choirs Kathrine Kouns said...

Director of Orchestras Thomas Chen conducts the Carmel Symphony Orchestra during after-school rehearsal. Chen said all of the precautions such as  physical distancing, wearing masks, and disinfecting are in place during rehearsal.

Carmel Symphony Orchestra finishes Fall Concert

Jasmine Zhang November 10, 2020

The Carmel Symphony Orchestra recently finished filming their fall concert which will be  available for streaming on the CHS Performing Arts Department YouTube channel on Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. and Nov. 8 at...

Rachel Wu, member of Symphony Orchestra and sophomore, plays a piece during after-school rehearsal. Wu said she is excited to perform under different circumstances for the fall concert this year. 

Orchestras prepare for upcoming fall concert

Jasmine Zhang October 30, 2020

The Carmel High School orchestras continue to rehearse for their fall concert which will take place Oct. 26 to Oct. 28. “We are currently preparing 2 songs for the fall concert,” Rachel Wu, member...

Students in Carmel Orchestras take precautionary measures against COVID-19

Jasmine Zhang September 30, 2020

As school starts up, students in Carmel Orchestras attend after-school rehearsals. Carmel Orchestras are taking precautionary measures in order to prevent students from being infected. Rachel Wu, a member...

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