Carmel Orchestras to move to newly renovated orchestra room


Rachel Wu, member of Symphony Orchestra and senior, looks up at her tuner to match her pitch accordingly. According to Wu, they have to get to rehearsal a few minutes early, so they have time to set up, tune and get ready.

Jasmine Zhang

Construction of the newly renovated performing arts area is coming to a finish and the Carmel Orchestras are planning to utilize the new space soon. 

Rachel Wu, member of Symphony Orchestra and senior, said she is looking forward to this performance.

“I am very excited (to move to) the (new) room because there’s a big window, so that means there will be nice scenery. I’m also excited to use the practice rooms,” Wu said.

We’re really excited to have a permanent home base. The new area will be bigger and have accessible instrument storage space, practice rooms, and nearby rehearsal spaces that we can use for practice rooms,” Maggie Hite, Associate Director of Orchestras said. 

“I’ve been to the new performing arts wing and it’s really nice. I really want to practice there, at least before I graduate.” Wu said.