Carmel Electric Ensemble to meet the week of Nov. 18

As she plays the electric violin, Jiwon Yu, the Carmel Electric Ensemble’s president and senior, practices the music she will play at the ensemble’s first rehearsal. The ensemble will host a promotional concert in the commons the morning of Dec. 12.

November 12, 2019

The Carmel Electric Ensemble members plan to meet for a rehearsal the week of Nov. 18. Jiwon Yu, the club’s president and senior, said she is looking forward to the ensemble’s first meeting. “(The members will be) getting to know each other and getting to know the music,” she said. Eli...

Staff reflect on 9/11 attacks, safety procedures

Staff reflect on 9/11 attacks, safety procedures

Riley Terbush

September 12, 2019

Elisabeth Ohly-Davis, Orchestra Director How has 9-11 impacted the nation’s perspective on safety?   Literally one week before 9-11, my then-boyfriend, now-husband took a trip to California in one day--he flew out at 6 a.m., gave his conference presentation, bummed around downtown San F...

Orchestra trip to China delayed due to blizzard, attracts news stations’ attention

A WishTV reporter interviews Melinda Song, symphony orchestra member and senior, at the Indianapolis International Airport. The orchestra was planning to travel to China for a group trip but had their flight postponed due to weather. Local news stations interviewed the orchestra on their situation. ROCHELLE BRUAL/ PHOTO


December 27, 2012

On Wednesday, several seniors from the CHS Symphony orchestra woke up and headed to the airport, planning on traveling to China for a group trip. The trip, where the students would perform at various theaters across China, had been planned for months. However, due to the blizzard that afflicted the s...