Carmel Electric Ensemble to meet the week of Nov. 18


As she plays the electric violin, Jiwon Yu, the Carmel Electric Ensemble’s president and senior, practices the music she will play at the ensemble’s first rehearsal. The ensemble will host a promotional concert in the commons the morning of Dec. 12.

The Carmel Electric Ensemble members plan to meet for a rehearsal the week of Nov. 18.

Jiwon Yu, the club’s president and senior, said she is looking forward to the ensemble’s first meeting. “(The members will be) getting to know each other and getting to know the music,” she said.

Elisabeth Ohly-Davis said until the meeting, the members should be focusing on their general practice and intonation of their acoustic instruments before they start working with their electric instruments.

Ohly-Davis said, “I just love to listen to them play and to introduce some of the kids to playing electric instruments and just having a lot of fun with that.”

The ensemble will still be performing at their concert in the commons on the morning of Dec. 12. By Kiersten Riedford