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Not So Messy Anymore: Although flaws existed in Main Cafeteria’s structure, recent improvements heighten efficiency

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In our sept. 16 issue of the HiLite, we published a staff editorial suggesting certain improvements we thought the newly remodeled Main Cafeteria needed. Today, nearly three months later, we want to commend the cafeteria staff and administration for not only making the improvements we suggested but also for  doing much more.

At the beginning of the school year, there was no clear indication of lines for different stations, but now there are clear line dividers, especially at the more popular stations. The utilization of these dividers ensures that students are not merging  into crowds.

Furthermore, although the trays were hard to acquire at the beginning of the year since they were found only at the right-most line of the cafeteria,  trays can now  be found at every station. The placement of trays at every station throughout the cafeteria hinders the formation of large, disorganized crowds towards one region of the cafeteria; thus, it’s an effective step in decreasing this traffic.

Increased staffing has also quickened the lunch process. The use of more than one cafeteria worker at each station to monitor the lines of more popular stations is also an effective step in ensuring the  cohesiveness of the cafeteria as a whole.

Since the cafeteria had not been renovated for the past three decades preceding the most recent $900,000 renovation, the addition of screens that showcase the food offered and the nutritional value of these foods was a great concept. At the beginning of the year, there was relative inconsistency with whether these screens were on or off, but now the screens are on and working consistently.

In addition to all of these changes, there are also a variety of changes that the cafeteria staff and administration implemented within these past three months. There are now cups for condiments at each station to speed up the entire process.

Even though the logistics behind the renovation of Main Cafeteria could always be improved with greater staffing and more organization at some of the better, popular stations, the steps taken to improve the effectivity of the cafeteria have greatly improved its utilization. As the HiLite did publish an editorial that presented improvements to Main Cafeteria, on behalf of all CHS students, we appreciate the changes implemented by the dedicated cafeteria staff.


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