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Self-Driving and Electric Vehicle Policy Considerations

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A look into the future of self-driving and/or electric vehicles

Hi, here’s a quick Tech Thoughts post about some extremely exciting developments surrounding self-driving and/or electric vehicles.

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing about a vehicle with both self-driving and electric capabilities is undoubtedly the company Tesla. With the Model S and X already released, and the Model 3 slated for production mid 2017, Tesla clearly dominates this niche market.

However, there have some concerns particularly surrounding the possible exploding / fire hazard of the Tesla’s lithium batteries in the event of a crash. Recently, such as crash occurred in Indianapolis in which a drunk driver and passenger were killed in an explosive car crash while driving a Model S. Some worry that such issues surrounding the batteries of electric vehicles could prompt further restrictive regulation from government automative agencies.

These concerns are compounded with the rise of the new Trump administration, which has appeared hostile toward green technology manufacturers and instead friendly with several prominent members in the oil industry. Electric car manufacturers are particularly worried about the removal of the current $7,500 tax credit that electric vehicles receive. Removing this tax credit could set electric manufacturers back for years and keep electric vehicles from reaching prices that are reasonable for the average American family.

Personally, from my experience in a Tesla Model X, I can confirm that the car is truly revolutionary. From the automated highway driving system to the beautiful design, the car seems like something from the future. For now, I can only hope that government administrations continue working with electric and self driving car manufacturers in order to bring innovation to the automobile industry and help reduce greenhouse emissions.

That’s all for now, expect another post soon!


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