Women’s rugby team to travel to Tenn. for season opener


The rugby team participated in a State Tournament at Moose Rugby Grounds in Elkhart back on Oct. 9, 2016. A team went 2-1 for the tournament.

Maria Bashmakov, forward and senior, is excited about the team’s upcoming trip to Nashville, Tenn. for it’s NashBash Tournament, which consists of 3 games throughout the weekend. The women’s rugby team has many expectations for it’s season.

“Currently in our season, we are coming towards the end of preseason with our first game coming up in two weeks on March 11. Preseason is coming to a close as the season starts to open up and so that March 11 game will be our season opener,” Bashmakov said. “It’s going to be a game down in Nashville, however, our real season in Ind. begins at about the third week of March.”

Head Coach Rusty Skoog is anticipating a successful weekend in Nashville along with a hopefully more successful season.

“We are hoping to do better than last years 3-8 record.  We are playing in a new conference where we should be able to do well.  We have been doing really well at practice and we are coming together as a team,” Skoog said.

As far as team bonding goes, Bashmakov said that the team is very close and share common goals within the team.

“I would describe the rugby team as being a family and very close. We do what we love together, and that is play rugby. We have a big variety of people but we’re all on the same team playing together for the same goal,” Bashmakov said. “We like to have fun together whether it’s during a practice or game or outside of practice. We’re really a family.”

The team seems to be doing well in almost every aspect of the game, despite a lack of players. According to Skoog, the team currently has 18 girls on the roster, just short of where he’d feel comfortable to make it through a three-month season, saying that it’s ideal to have 22 to 25 players. He encourages people to come out and join the team.

“Rugby is a great sport for my athletes.  It is a sport where you meet friends for life and build confidence that you can do anything,” Skoog said.