Speak-ups: Students reflect on the recently controversial spending by Carmel Government


Sophomore Ethan Galka

What are your thoughts on the controversial new projects Carmel has been working on, such as the carousel, hotel, and additional roundabouts?


“I think it’s stupid because they’re turning Rangeline into a two lane road with a bike lane and that’s gonna kill all the small businesses on West Main Street like the Carmel Music Shop and I think Bub’s too, but that’s probably farther down. And the roundabout that’s going in, I think Gray Road and 126th, is gonna take out all like that entire area where O’Malia’s used to be … some guy’s pizza is gonna go out of business and that Sport Clips that’s right there is gonna go out of business. And so, it’s like, the CVS and all that stuff is gonna go away.”

Senior Talha Ahmad

“I think we definitely have a lot of roundabouts already so the construction has definitely been a little bit, I guess, frustrating especially since I live near one of the places where they’re building a roundabout and it just made traffic horrible. But, I think in the end it’ll make Carmel, like an even more roundabout city in the U.S. so it’s probably good in the long term but frustrating in the short term.”