Netflix: Hit or Miss? CHS students debate large expenditures on Netflix Original movies

Kassandra Darnell, Reporter

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Next year, Netflix plans to spend $8 billion on Netflix Original programs. According to a Bloomberg article, the platform will release around 80 original movies and venture into creating more foreign TV series in order to attract international customers, making it comparable to networks like HBO and other Hollywood studios like Disney.

Currently, over 25 percent of Netflix series and movies are original projects, but the new additions could increase that number to nearly 50 percent. However, these upcoming changes could either lead to increased viewership or loss of already subscribed customers.

Senior Laura Burnham said she primarily utilizes the platform to “binge” on TV series, one of the hallmarks of Netflix. While Burnham has watched a few Netflix original shows and movies, she said they are not worth the hype, and she prefers to watch content recommended by her friends.

“It doesn’t really matter to me if (Netflix) adds more because chances are I will not watch original movies,” said Burnham. “There’s nothing especially amazing about them; they’re just kind of regular movies produced by Netflix.”

According to Burnham, one of her main concerns is that Netflixtries too hard to appeal to every viewer by focusing more on original movies. While the platform’s most popular original content leans more toward TV series, Burnham said creating more movies will take away from the service and cause customers to turn away.

“People just want to watch the classics and discover new movies that other people would know and they can watch on TV or something like that. It’s really hard to watch Netflix movies because there’s nothing special about them,” said Burnham.

While Burnham said bigger budgets for Netflix original content are excessive, sophomore Samantha Montgomery said she considers Netflix’s bigger budget to be a step in the right direction. Montgomery said by having access to more money, the platform can have more freedom with its content, focusing on a larger variety of movies to accommodate to every customer.

“I feel like with the bigger budget things that they’re doing now, (Netflix is) able to bring in a lot more recognized talent with actors that people already know and already feel comfortable with,” said Montgomery. “And with the special effects that they’re able to bring in, like with Stranger Things, I think paying for that, with that substantial amount, we should be able to see it in the content that they produce.”


Netflix’s influx of original content may be  caused by competition, according to business teacher Jill Noel. Many competing streaming services have been creating their own original content, posing a threat to Netflix.

“Amazon Prime is also coming out with original movies and series also that are doing very good,” said Noel. “I think that to be competitive, Netflix does need to make those changes.”

Noel also believes that as technology advances, fewer people watch network television or go to see movies in theatres. Platforms like Netflix need to increase the amount of content created in order to stay relevant.

Noel said, “It’s an $8 billion investment, and as a business teacher, I always look at that you have to spend money to make money. I do think that with live streaming, for them to stay competitive with services like Amazon Prime and Hulu, they’re going to have to do that.”

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