Cafeteria Worker Edith Billingsley Discusses New Breakfast Cart


Cafeteria worker Edith Billingsley

Q/A with cafeteria worker Edith Billingsley:

Q: Why did the cafeteria workers decide to start the breakfast cart?

A: We started the breakfast cart to give the students another option of buying breakfast or drinks as opposed to buying it from the main cafeteria or Greyhound cafeteria.


Q: What type of items are sold on the breakfast cart?

A: We sell water, tall milks, Powerades and Snapples, we try to sell a variety of drinks and juices. We also sell grain bars and some breakfast breads.


Q: Why was the commons chosen as the location for the breakfast cart?

A: It was chosen as the location because it’s between the Greyhound cafeteria and main cafeteria and kids tend to congregate there so it’s an easy way for them to buy their food.


Q: How is the breakfast cart a more convenient option for students to get their food as opposed to getting their items from the main cafeteria or the Greyhound cafeteria?

A: If the students see the breakfast cart as they’re coming by, they’ll say “I can get my food and drinks from here” and they don’t have to walk to the main cafeteria or Greyhound cafeteria to get their items.


Q: Do you think the selection at the breakfast cart is more limited than the selections at the Greyhound cafeteria and the main cafeteria?

A: Yes because we cannot carry the hot breakfast items on the breakfast cart.


Q: Do you plan on starting anymore breakfast carts around the school?

A: No we do not, this will be the only breakfast cart for now.