Movie Musical Showdown: With Pitch Perfect movie coming out, students compare it with known movie series, High School Musical

Kris Otten, Entertainment Reporter

After two movies, “Pitch Perfect” will be coming out with a third film on Dec. 22. According to BuzzFeed, since its first release in 2012, “Pitch Perfect” has made over $100 million with a $17 million budget. People often contribute this popularity to the rise of incorporating singing and dancing after High School Musical, as modern movies have become more popular throughout the years.

While “High School Musical” takes place in a high school, centered around the relationship of young lovers Troy  Bolton and Gabriella Montez, “Pitch Perfect” is set in a college, following the journey of an all-girls a capella group named the “Barden Bellas.” Although many movies, like “The Cheetah Girls” and “Teen Beach Movie,” incorporate singing and dancing into teenage lives, “Pitch Perfect” is one of the only movies featuring a capella as the main musical component of the movie.

“I love the unique plot; I haven’t seen a major movie based on a capella other than this,” said sophomore Aidan O’Nan.

According to Fortune, the Walt Disney Company made an estimated $1 billion from the “High School Musical” franchise in 2006 and 2007.

“I like that they’re cheesy and silly without being super unrealistic, like an entire high school isn’t going to break out into song in real life, but nobody in the movies turns into an alien or something,” sophomore Natalie Crispin said.

No matter the statistics, movie musicals such as “High School Musical” and “Pitch Perfect” are very popular among all ages. Director of choirs Kathrine Kouns said she sees this popularity increase amongst her students.

Kouns said, “I think music is one of those things that is an inherently human thing. Singing connects humanity; it’s just a creative process that is a lot of fun. I think you take modern day musicals, and it really becomes something that everyone loves.”