Fan Frenzy: CHS students discuss various award voting processes and their fairness

Kris Otten

The yearly grammy awards ceremony is set to air on CBS on Sunday at 4:30 p.m. Unlike other awards ceremonies like the Kid’s Choice Awards and the American Music Awards (AMAs), the public does not vote on the nominees or actual recipients of The Grammy Awards. Rather, for this award show, a panel of voting members with recording backgrounds will vote on the recipients for each award category.

According to The Balance website, to determine the recipients of the Grammy Awards, a panel of 150 judges from various fields makes their selections in whichever category they are assigned based on their background and level of expertise. These selections are made with two rounds of ballot submissions that lead to the final results which are announced on stage at the awards ceremony.

In contrast to the Grammy’s more selective voting, other award shows, like the AMAs, allow the public to vote for award recipients online. Some viewers prefer this form of voting as it seems more fair to the artists that are eligible to be nominated.

“Award shows with a panel of judges are unfair, because everyone has different opinions and what is horrible to one can be great to another” Lauren Jacobson, Grammy enthusiast and sophomore, said.

Some viewers also prefer to participate in the voting at award shows because they find it more enjoyable to be able to contribute to the ceremony. Freshman Natalie Hanna and her mother, Sherin Kamel, watch and vote for the AMAs together every year. According to Kamel, she feels as though it is a good way to spend time with her daughter and find more about her interests when they vote together.

“I feel like it’s more accurate when the public is voting because they’re the actual ones that are fans of the people that get the awards,” said Hanna.

Another award show that is fan-based includes the Kid’s Choice Awards which airs on Nickelodeon. When compared to the more industry-based award shows, like the Grammys, the Kid’s Choice Awards is less formal in both attire and the style of the show. The Kid’s Choice Awards has a theme of slime throughout their ceremony where celebrities will often get slime dumped on them when receiving their award.

“I mean, all the dresses and suits that the celebrities wear at the Grammys are pretty and all, but I feel like it’s more fun to see people get slimed on Kid’s Choice” said Hanna.