The Cake Bake Shop Review [The Sweet Life]

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Cake Bake Shop sign

Cake Bake Shop sign

Cake Bake Shop sign

The Cake Bake Shop is a small restaurant, right out of a fairytale, located in Broad Ripple. Although they are most famous for their cakes, they also offer an assortment of other desserts and brunch items. When they first started, what really boosted their popularity was Gwendolyn’s Famous Earl’s Court Chocolate Cake. It was shown on Food Network’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ and eventually eaten by many other famous chefs. When we tried this chocolate tower, we didn’t enjoy it as much as others have. The after taste was too rich because of the cake’s dark fudge frosting. There was also an excessive amount of sea salt topping that really overpowered the rest of the flavors. The cake as a whole, wasn’t balanced in flavors. This cake was the most expensive of the three slices we purchased, coming in at $13.50.

One of the fall favorites served at the Cake Bake Shop is their Pumpkin Chocolate Cake costing $12.50 per slice. This cake features a layer of chocolate sponge cake between two layers of pumpkin spice cake and a filling of Belgian chocolate chip cream cheese and homemade caramel. The two flavors weren’t very balanced in the cake as the chocolate tasted better than the pumpkin. The cream cheese filling didn’t mix well with the pumpkin and was just too thick compared to the consistency of the cake. All in all, the mix of the chocolate, pumpkin and cream cheese flavors just felt very random.

Another popular cake available is the Red Velvet Cake costing $10.95 per slice. This was our personal favorite out of the three we had. The thick texture of the sponge was great and the flavor of the cake itself was sweet but not too overpowering. The only complaint we had was about the Madagascan vanilla bean buttercream on the outside. Despite being beautifully decorated with rose patterns in the pink buttercream, the lack of consistency between the buttercream and the cream cheese frosting made the buttercream feel too light with a taste similar to fluoride. Compared to the cream cheese frosting, the buttercream was almost flavorless, and we would have preferred if they had just used cream cheese frosting throughout the whole cake.

Overall, the Cake Bake Shop is very expensive for the products given. Although the slices of cake come in large, beautifully decorated portions, the looks simply do not match the taste. However, the service was very fast and the staff is friendly and attentive. The shop itself is decorated beautifully with soft pinks and pastels, and the location of the shop in a small cottage, gives a cozy feeling that makes customers feel as though they have just stepped into a storybook. The shop was also decorated with ornate skeleton figures in fancy attire that we thought were cute and fitting for the Halloween season.

With both cake taste and the atmosphere of the shop considered, we would give the Cake Bake Shop a rating of 2.5 out of 5.


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Pumpkin Chocolate Cake

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