The Flying Cupcake [The Sweet Life]


The Flying Cupcake is a popular cupcake shop located on Rangeline Road. The interior of the shop is equally as sweet as the cupcakes sold there, with the whole shop decked out in pastels and vintage furniture. To go along with its unique design, the Flying Cupcake also sells a variety of small knick-knacks such as glass plates and jewelry holders at a separate table. When we went to the Flying Cupcake there were several options, including both regular sized cupcakes for $3.25 and jumbo sized cupcakes for $3.95, but there were not as many options as were listed online. We ordered the Red Velvet Elvis, Peppermint Twist, and Twinkie cupcakes.

The Red Velvet Elvis is a jumbo cupcake that consists of red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting. We thought that the cake to frosting ratio in this cupcake was very good, making it so the cupcake wasn’t overly sweet.

The next cupcake we ordered was the Peppermint Twist cupcake, a regular sized seasonal cupcake consisting of chocolate cake with peppermint frosting. We really enjoyed the balance of the peppermint and the chocolate in this cupcake, as the flavors mix well together without one overpowering the other too much. However, we did think that the texture of the cake in this cupcake was drier than the others.

Lastly, the Twinkie cupcake is a jumbo-sized cupcake consisting of vanilla cake with a sweet cream filling and topped with marshmallow fluff buttercream. We thought the cake of this cupcake was the softest of all three, but the sweet cream filling was very rich, making the cupcake a little bit too sweet.

All in all, the Flying Cupcake is a very well decorated shop with good service and delicious cupcakes, although at times they can be a bit dry. The Flying Cupcake offers a variety of sizes and flavors of cupcakes at an affordable price, so with all these factors in mind, we would rank this shop at a 3 out of 5.

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