Respect The Game: With the start of golf season, CHS students should acknowledge athletic ability, numerous skills required to play golf


Satvik Kandru, Reporter

I have played golf since i was seven years old and developed a passion for the sport over the years.
However, I endured a wide amount of criticism. I have learned how society perceives golf not as a sport but a hobby. A good amount of people seem to think that golf isn’t a sport solely because of the lack of physical activity and training that golfers receive as opposed to other sports.
While that may technically prove true, in my opinion, golf is one of the most underrated physical activities, especially at a high level. For example, on the CHS golf team, most team members participate in advanced physical conditioning in order to maintain the needed physical ability to play. As a second-year player on the team, I have noticed that those who maintain their physical fitness seem to perform better than those who choose to ignore it, thus showing the physical condition needed to perform at a high level in golf.
Furthermore, in order to have a solid golf game, a strong core is absolutely necessary. It is an integral part of the golf swing, and when you are playing grueling multiple -day tournaments, a strong core allows players to maintain their energy throughout the day and develop the certain type of endurance golf requires.
Moreover, golf demands an incredible amount of technical skill. Each shot requires a different type of club and a specific type of swing. If a golfer messes up even once, it can be devastating to his or her ranking in the entire tournament. Therefore, while physical prowess is needed for golf, what makes the sport even more difficult is its intricacies. Golf demands players to have a mastery of many skills, as well as physical ability.
Lastly, as any golfer can attest to, the mental stamina golf requires is on par with the mental stamina of other sports. I have experienced first-hand the intense focus and concentration golf requires. In team sports, athletes have the ability to allow a teammate or coach to pick them up emotionally during a game or competition, but in golf it’s just the player versus the course: nothing else.
Despite these qualities, golf still suffers a lack of appreciation. While golf may not require the same physical abilities as other sports, the mental stamina needed is unmatched. People must begin to recognize that golf is just as challenging as other sports, if not more. It is a physically demanding sport that requires players to be mentally and physically strong to succeed. It’s time for people to change their false perceptions and recognize golf is a challenging sport.