CHS varsity baseball team getting ready for away game at North Central


CHS baseball team practices after school in the gym due to a rainout. Levine said he hopes the team makes a deep run in the postseason.

The varsity baseball team is getting ready for its game on May 8 at North Central.

The team is confident after a good stretch of baseball. “We have won our last 4 games, so we are playing really well, just need to keep it going versus tough opponents coming up,” Robert (Robbie) Levine, varsity player and senior, said.

Levine said the upcoming games are crucial to their placement in the postseason.

“Obviously we want to end on a strong note going into the postseason, it gives you a lot of momentum if you head into the postseason on a strong note,” Levine said.

Assistant Coach TC Knipp said that the recent success and hard work should translate to more winning games.

“We have been playing really well and our guys have been putting in the effort to go deep in the postseason,” Knipp said.

Levine said he is confident in the team and the rest of their season based on their team chemistry.

“I’m just excited for what is to come, as a senior it would always be nice to end with a state championship or at least a good run towards the end,” Levine said.