Women’s cross-country preparing for Nike Valley Twilight meet and Sectionals


The cross-country banner and tent get set up prior to a meet. Varsity runner and senior Phoebe Bates said, “We are hoping to finish the season strong and win another State championship.” 

Satvik Kandru

The women’s cross-country team will compete in both the Nike Valley Twilight meet and Sectionals. These will take place on Oct. 5 and Oct. 12, respectively. The team is coming off of a first place finish at the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference (MIC) championship.

“We had a pretty convincing win at the MIC, winning by 26 points over North Central,” said Phoebe Bates, varsity runner and senior.

Bates also acknowledges the amount of effort put in by the varsity team recently.

“A lot of us varsity runners have been getting geared up for the postseason, whether it’s running on your own (or) changing your diet, I think we’ve been working really hard,” Bates said.

Head Coach Andy Dalton said that he acknowledges the competition for the upcoming events and postseason.

“The rest of the state has gotten a lot better, which is great for the sport, (but) not as great for us, because now we have to be that much better to compete and continue to succeed,” Dalton said.

Both the Nike Valley Twilight meet and Sectionals will consist of a field with nine other teams. By Satvik Kandru