The math department looks forward to prepare for next year


Math department chair Jacinda Sohalski quietly works at her desk. She said she is satisfied with the math department this year and is optimistic for the upcoming school year.

The math department said it is content with the year and is now looking forward to next year, according to math department chair Jacinda Sohalski.

“We’re almost through the first year with our new textbooks,” Sohalski said. “Overall people are very happy with the new books and like the way things have gone.”

Sohalski also said the department is currently making preparations for next year. She said that this summer, some teachers are doing curriculum work on aligning vertically, which means that successive classes are lined up.

“We also have a lot of teachers participating in professional development,” Sohalski said. “We have some doing avid training, a lot doing training with the math workshop model and some doing technology training.”

Joey Heerens, Math Club president and junior, said he is optimistic for the end of the school year.

Heerens said, “I think the math department was very good last year, and I believe they will be better in the upcoming school year.”