Mammamia Gelato Review [The Sweet Life]

Mammamia Gelato is an ice cream shop located on West Main Street that offers a variety of authentic Italian gelato. The store is well-kept and tasteful with a color scheme of gray, black and white throughout the shop. There is also a very spacious seating area with several tables where customers can enjoy their ice cream. When we visited Mammamia Gelato, we ordered three different flavors for $2 per scoop.

The first flavor we got was a tiramisu milk-based gelato. We were happy to find that the texture of the ice cream itself was extremely creamy, however, the actual flavor was lacking. We were hoping for a stronger hint of coffee, but overall the tiramisu flavor was bland and almost didn’t really taste like anything.

Next, we got a scoop of the pumpkin pie milk-based gelato, one of the seasonal flavors offered at Mammamia Gelato. This ice cream had the same creamy texture as the tiramisu gelato, but with considerably more flavor. The pumpkin taste was very sweet and prominent and there were tiny graham cracker bites sprinkled throughout the gelato which made for a pleasant crunch against the creaminess of the ice cream.

Lastly, we got the wild berry water-based gelato, our favorite of the three. This gelato was extremely flavorful and the light pink color of the ice cream made it look appetizing. The ice cream had a prominent berry flavor that wasn’t too sweet but instead actually tasted really fresh. We were pleasantly surprised to find that this gelato was not only bursting with delicious flavor, but it was also just as creamy and smooth as the other two options we tasted.

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit to Mammamia Gelato. The inside of the shop was clean and tasteful and the employees were attentive and helpful. Although the tiramisu gelato was lacking in flavor, the pumpkin pie and wild berry flavors made up for it as well as the extremely creamy and smooth textures of all three gelatos. With all that said, we would give Mammamia Gelato a rating of 4 out of 5. By Kris Otten and Caitlyn Burns