Carmel Electric Ensemble members will focus on sight-reading at first rehearsal


As she sorts through music for the Carmel Electric Ensemble members to play in their future fall concert, the club’s president and senior Jiwon Yu is selecting pieces of music the ensemble members will begin practicing during their rehearsals. The date of the ensemble’s first rehearsal is not yet determined, but the members will be focusing on sight-reading. Yu said. “I want to be more organized this year in terms of planning.”

Kiersten Riedford, Reporter

The Carmel Electric Ensemble members will be focusing on their sight-reading at the first rehearsal, but there is not a date set for the first meeting yet.

“It’s my favorite rehearsal, our goal is to get a general sense of the music,” said Jiwon Yu, club president and senior.

Yu said that the focus of sight-reading will benefit the group as they start out, allowing them to explore the music. The focus of new music is something that is encouraged by the club’s sponsor, Elisabeth Ohly-Davis.

Ohly-Davis said, “Whatever [the students] are interested in is what they are going to do best. I encourage them to follow their passions and look up things that they are excited about.”