CCS district to rebrand logo with help of Digital Design 3-4, IB Business and Management students

Viyang Hao

Art Teacher Michael Lee

What is the art department doing?

My Digital Design 3 students—the advanced digital design students and there are eight of us, including myself, and I do include myself because I’ve been working with them on the logos as well (as I put) some designs in and help them with their designs–the idea was to create some logos for (the superintendent and the school board) to decide which ones would go best with what they’re hoping to rebrand their district with, so our task was fairly large; they didn’t have a lot of guidelines (either), which is good and bad. It’s good for us to be very creative with the logo and come up with different kinds of things, but, on the other hand, we’re still trying to guess what (the superintendent) has in mind. So we have to be balanced with our ideas and the superintendent’s.

What will the new logo look like?

I don’t think (the superintendent would) want that to be revealed quite yet. (I can say that) there are four different logos (that are being considered). They all have the gold and blue color… (and) it’s not a seal anymore. It definitely does look like a stamped logo. I would (also) say all of them are clean and (have) clean lines so it’s “easy” looking. With the seal, you kind of look at it and then you have to look closer to see what is in the seal and everything, (but) with this (new logo, at a first glance) you’ll know what it is.

When we will see the changes?

That is a decision for the superintendent. We’ll have to present to the school board around February or March… I think the (original) thought was to get it done before the end of (2019), so (the superintendent) would roll it out at the beginning of 2020 in January, but because it is a slow process it just wasn’t feasible to meet that deadline, and that deadline was always soft (too).