Women’s swim team to compete in IHSAA Sectional championships


Olivia McKee

BREAST STROKE: Swimmer and freshman Berit Berglund, swims breastroke at the Carmel- HSE dual meet on Dec. 17. Berglund said despite having experience swimming with Carmel Swim Club in previous years, she has felt new pressures since joining the women’s swimming team as a freshman. She added that the high school team is more competitive and serious than she experienced in the Carmel Swim Club.

Alivia Romaniuk

The women’s swim team will compete in the IHSAA Sectional championships on Feb. 8 at 1 p.m. The meet will take place at Noblesville High School.

According to Chris Plumb, Head Coach of the women’s swim team, the team is looking forward to the tournament season and is working hard to win their 34th consecutive State championship.

Mackenna Lieske, member of the varsity women’s swim team and sophomore, said she will be competing in the Sectional championships, and said she looks forward to the tournament season.

“I will be swimming the 100 breaststroke and 200 individual medley,” she said. “I’m most excited to compete and watch the other girls on the team compete and swim fast.”

Plumb said he thinks the sportsmanship and togetherness of the team is what makes it unique.

“The way the team values each other and how on board everyone is with the values of Carmel Swimming (is what makes the team unique),” he said.

According to Lieske, the swim team is eating healthy and beginning to taper their workouts to prepare for the upcoming tournament season.

“My only goal for this championship season is to be a great teammate and competitor in and out of the pool,” Lieske said.

Plumb said he agrees that the team is working hard, “They practice with purpose and intention each day and meets are opportunities to test our skills.”