Carmel Electric Ensemble to meet late March, early April


Carmel Electric Ensemble president and senior Jiwon Yu and club sponsor Elisabeth Ohly-Davis discuss the types of music the ensemble will be playing at their upcoming rehearsal in late March or early April. Yu said that the ensemble will be playing more pop and rock songs at their spring concert.

Kiersten Riedford

The Carmel Electric Ensemble has not yet set a date for an upcoming rehearsal, but Jiwon Yu, the club’s president and senior, said the ensemble plans to meet close to late March or early April.

The club recently had a concert on Valentine’s Day where the members played before and after school as well as during every passing period. Club sponsor Elisabeth Ohly-Davis said the ensemble has improved in speed when cleaning up the common area after their concerts.

Leading up to the next rehearsal, Ohly-Davis said, “I think Jiwon needs to go and pick some music and maybe survey the group, get the group prepared, and then (the members) should come in and be prepared to play the music.” By Kiersten Riedford