Choir students to sing with alumni at Legacy Concert on April 13


Veronica Teeter

SURF SURF CRAZY: Tristan Davis, New Edition member and sophomore, practices choreography during a rehearsal. Tristan said she hopes to leave behind a legacy once she graduates from the choirs program.

Valliei Chandrakumar

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For Sofi Rivera, Ambassadors member and senior, the Legacy Concert on April 13 at 7 p.m. in the Palladium will be an opportunity to meet returning CHS show choir alumni and celebrate the impact of the Carmel Choirs program. While having participated in the choir program since her freshman year, this will be Rivera’s first time experiencing a concert where the dedicated efforts are solely focused on preserving and honoring the history of Carmel Choirs.

Jeff Boldt, event coordinator and parent of current and former Carmel Choirs participants, said the ideal goal of the Legacy Concert is to celebrate and welcome another generation of active community support and involvement.

“The intent is to celebrate all the teachers, directors, parents and students that have been involved for well over 50 years in the choir program,” he said. “We are inviting back alumni who have gone on to do professional performing.”

Rivera said everyone who helped make a positive change in the choir program and the city of Carmel itself ultimately leaves behind a legacy.

“My definition of legacy is making a mark on something that you have participated in that can affect other people in a good way,” Rivera said.

Veronica Teeter
Sofi Rivera, Ambassadors member and senior, sings during Holiday Spectacular. Rivera said the Legacy Concert inspires her to leave her mark on the choir program.

According to Boldt, both the parent and music education enthusiast perspectives have given him the passion to show everyone the program’s impact on the area.

“I’d like someone who is a senior at the high school, like my daughter is, to meet some of the alumni and have appreciation for the history of this program and how wonderful it really is,” Boldt said. “That’s what I’m going for. This program is so wonderful and I have had the pleasure of seeing the impact of the Carmel Choir program even from the elementary level.”

Rivera said through her experiences as a four-year member of the choir program, she believes each choir student leaves a legacy behind.

“I think what I want to take away (from the Legacy Concert) is that my mark on Carmel High School doesn’t end when I leave,” Rivera said. “Like, there’s always people who have been here before us, people who went to Carmel and were in Ambassadors are now on Broadway. It’s things like that, and even if that’s not something you’re majoring in, you’re still going to leave a mark on Carmel Choirs.”

Tristan Davis, New Edition member and sophomore, said she agrees with Rivera and said the enormity of the program helps to leave an emotional impression.

“I think (the choir students) all build upon each other and we all leave behind some sort of thing that someone’s going to remember,” Davis said.

Boldt said Carmel Choirs gives students the confidence, by themselves, to open doors to new opportunities.

“I think the arts not only teach (students) the love of music, but it also teaches them skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives,” Boldt said. “Through choir, you learn about team building skills. You’ll learn a lot about work ethic; you have to be dependable.”

Rivera said through its directed initiatives, the program adds an element of purity and togetherness to the community.

“I think the choir program just adds this great type of community to Carmel because it’s just so welcoming and everyone is welcomed. It’s not, like, enclosed or anything; anyone can be a part of it. We just love to make people happy and help people,” Rivera said.

Rivera said she will graduate from CHS having learned the importance of perseverance in her everyday mindset.

“Carmel Choirs really pushes you in a lot of ways, emotionally and physically,” Rivera said. “So, I think I’ll just take personal growth, working hard and giving things my all (after I graduate).”

Davis said when she graduates, she wants the choir students to maintain a strong mindset combined with passion and discipline.

“I want to leave behind my love for choir and positivity to get things done and to have a good attitude about it,” Davis said.

Boldt said the participants’ drive to succeed towers above other contributors in regards to their favorable performances.

Boldt said, “I think the choir students and their interests have made the Carmel High School choir program one of the most preeminent high school choir programs in the country.”