Art students to compete in Scholastic Art Awards on March 22

Cady Armstrong

The information in this issue—originally scheduled for publication on March 20—was written and produced prior to news regarding school cancellation from the COVID-19 virus. Some information may be outdated or inaccurate as a result.
Student staff members worked hard to produce this content and, despite the circumstances, we still wanted readers to have an opportunity to see it.
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What are the Scholastic Art Awards?

They are awards meant to recognize students in Indiana for their art work. They focus more on the meaning of the piece rather than technicity.

What was the meaning behind the piece you won your award for?

My piece was called “Poker Face” and it is really an emotional piece meant to show there’s a lot of things hidden behind someone’s facade.

What advice would you give to students considering entering the art awards?

I would recommend entering because even if you think you can’t win, you never know what (could) happen and a lot of things of that you’re judged (are) not on technique, so just take that chance.

What advice would you give to students submitting their art?

Enter the piece you are most confident in and enter something you have a strong connection with because those are often the ones that win.