Fashion show to highlight design talent

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By: Tim Chai <>

Sweeping her hair back, sophomore Su Cho kept her eyes focused on the sewing machine and maintained a steady hand, careful to stitch every seam carefully.

“This is my first year in the fashion (and textile foundations) class. I went to the fashion show last year, and the class just looked interesting,” Cho said.

Today, the 11th annual fashion show will take place in the auditorium during SRT. According to fashion teacher Judy Fisher, she expects 1,300 students in attendance this year. The tickets were free and will act as a pass out of SRT, but people had to get one from a student in a fashion class.

Fisher said, “When I began teaching at (this school), I started the tradition of having a fashion show. It has grown over the years. The first one was held in the cafeteria. After three years, it was moved to the auditorium where it is now held. I started the fashion show because I wanted the student body here to see the unbelievable talent and creativity of their peers in the fashion and textiles classes. It is really very similar to the popular TV show Project Runway.”

Fisher said there will be about 250 students modeling over 750 garments in the exhibit.

She said, “There is a wide range of designs this year. The students will model prom gowns, jeans, blazers and crop jackets, tank tops, winter coats, pencil skirts, skinny pants, Homecoming dresses, bathrobes, blouses (and) hoodies. Many of the garments may be worn to school, but many are meant to be worn outside of school hours and therefore do not adhere to (this school’s) dress code.

“This year’s garments mirror the trends in the stores including lots of necklines with soft gathers. The color palette this year is focusing on bright colors and jewel tones. The silhouettes are very soft and feminine.”

According to Fisher, attending the fashion show is something every student at this school should do.

“When you enter one of the sewing labs, you can actually feel the creativity of the students in the air. The highlight of my job is seeing the finished creations because they are truly one of kind originals.”

Cho said, “My friends are coming, and I’m excited to show them what I’ve accomplished this year. It’s going to be so much fun.”