As alternative fashion rises, Carmel students find unique ways to dress, discuss if they feel accepted at Carmel

As alternative fashion rises, Carmel students find unique ways to dress, discuss if they feel accepted at Carmel

Riley Laferriere

September 26, 2020

Fashion styles change constantly as new trends emerge on social media, influencers display new fads and students try to impress others with their original clothing combinations. Euphoria makeup and alternative, or “alt,” styles are similar in this way. Made popular by influencers and TikTokers al...

Junior Marissa Cheslock repurposes old clothes, posts her creations on her sewing Instagram

Junior Marissa Cheslock threads her sewing machine. When determining when do repurpose clothes or start from scratch, she said,

Grace Xu

April 2, 2020

How did you become interested in sewing? My grandma taught me how to sew, and I did sewing lessons with her for a while. I kind of did it because I thought I had to. Then I started taking sewing lessons when I moved here. I think just being in the fashion classes in school really showed me how much I en...

With bankruptcy of Forever 21, CHS students shop for clothing sustainably

Junior Grace Barney tries on a shirt from Goodwill. Barney said thrift stores such as Goodwill provided a larger variety of clothes for her to choose from.

Sowmya Chundi

November 15, 2019

Decades ago, clothing stores like Forever 21 embodied the American dream. The franchise brought in billions of dollars worth of revenue, trendy clothing and affordable styles. However, just last month, Forever 21 announced it was filing for bankruptcy and would be closing over 200 stores across the na...

A Stitch in Time: Sophomore Victoria Simich sews elaborate historical dresses

A Stitch in Time: Sophomore Victoria Simich sews elaborate historical dresses

Bianca Templeton

November 15, 2019

How long does it normally take you to make a dress? It varies. It depends on how busy I am. Two weekends ago, I made a dress in like a weekend because I knew what I was doing. But sometimes, it can take up to a month if I’m hand-sewing. I’ve done a regency era gown that I hand-sewed the entire t...

Students utilize creativity, individuality when handmaking their own prom dresses

Marissa Ryan

April 19, 2019

From mermaid style to ball gowns, there seems to be an endless number of prom dresses available to fulfill a high school girl’s image of the perfect dress. However a few like Jessica Qu, advanced fashion student and senior, find that the perfect dress is in the hands of the creator. Qu, who plans t...

Freshman Daniel Tanner transcends typical gender stereotypes with fashion

Freshman Daniel Tanner tries on a glitzy choker to complement his outfit. Daniel said he likes to push societal boundaries when he dresses himself in women’s clothing.

Tessa Collinson

March 22, 2019

All heads turn to him as he walks down the hall. It could be how he holds himself with confidence. Then again, it could be because of the way he dresses. One day, he’s dressed in a turtleneck with heels and statement jewelry, and on the next, it’s a women’s T-shirt with a headband and leggings....

Freshman Kendall Frobig

Freshman Kendall Frobig

Alanna Wu

February 22, 2019

I like photography, so pairing fashion and photography together is cool. And sometimes, if I see a really out-there piece at Goodwill or something, I’ll pair that with a regular pair of jeans if it’s for a shoot. But I’ll never do that for regular purposes. I shoot people, so I do portraiture, and so...

Sophomore Raymond “Ray” Mo

Sophomore Raymond

Michelle Lu

February 22, 2019

"Just over the summer, I started looking at fashion related sites. I did a bit more research and I realized that I didn’t dress that well. I think that fashion and clothes play a large part in who I am because I guess it’s a form of self-expression. It’s just because you can wear whatever you want...

Junior Maria “Mars” Stefanidou

Junior Maria

February 22, 2019

I follow a lot of models on Instagram, and a lot of them have this thing where they’ll post an outfit of the day, so every time I’d be scrolling through my front page, I’d see stuff I thought was really interesting, and I would want to find something like that and put it together. I realized t...

Sophomore Isabella “Izzy” Topp

Sophomore Isabella

February 22, 2019

"I’d say my style… I definitely enjoy being comfortable, but it’s kind of nice especially if people point out your outfit; it’s a little bit of validation, of course. Especially in high school compared to middle school, there’s a lot more emphasis on dressing nice, and teachers definitely n...

Making a Fashion Statement: With Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, fashion, textiles students tackle idea of using fashion to make political statements

Senior Katherine Springston makes her own graduation dress.  She said this is currently her eighth garment and has been working on it since the end of August.

Grace Xu

October 25, 2018

"When you walk up to a person—when you first see them­­—the first thing you notice is what they’re wearing.” Those words came from Katherine Springston, a senior taking Fashion and Textiles III. Her own sense of fashion seemed to model that sentiment. The day of her interview, she wore a ye...

FashionInsta: CHS students take on online business using fashion apps, including Instagram, to buy, sell their clothing

Junior Mea McCormack takes a picture of a Patagonia sweatshirt to sell on Instagram. McCormack said she only posts clothing that is in good condition.

Alina Yu and Kris Otten

February 23, 2018

INSTACLOSET   Junior Mea McCormack explains her “closet” account on the social media app Instagram How long have you been using your clothing account? Two months Have you found that using the app has been successful in selling your clothes Yes, it has. I have probably still have more for sale than wh...