Q&A with senior Angela Peng on fashion, creating YouTube content


Senior Angela Peng, fashion YouTuber shows off her channel analytics. Peng said she loves interacting with people who comment on her YouTube videos.

Jasmine Zhang

When did you start your YouTube channel and why?

I started my YouTube channel in 2020 because I was doing virtual school and COVID-19 was hitting so I couldn’t go out anywhere . Usually at school, I kind of like to be creative by wearing outfits to school and seeing, but I couldn’t do that anymore, so I started a YouTube channel as a creative outlet for me. 

Peng showcases clothing on her YouTube thumbnail, which details her interest in fashion design.

What is your favorite part about running a fashion YouTube channel?

I love receiving free clothes and items (to review). Sometimes fashion companies will send me free products in exchange for a video (reviewing the items). Since I’ve never experienced getting free stuff from a company, I think that’s really fun.

What motivates you to keep making content?

I love my comments, especially from strangers. It’s really fun, sometimes, although there are some creepy ones. I just like reading comments from people, they’re usually really nice. I also love viewer interactions.

Peng gives the thumbs up on her YouTube thumbnail in which she describes the pastel trends of the spring. She said social media is a tool for her to promote her interest in fashion.










What are some goals for the future for your channel?

I want to expand my content more because I usually do fashion and makeup-related stuff, which is really fun. I love that stuff. But I also want to do more of the videos just talking about life, different topics, because I think it’s really great when creators use their platforms for good. I have made some already.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

I love fashion TikTok. TikTok is a huge platform nowadays and it’s sending so many trends nowadays. I actually have a separate account just for looking at fashion TikToks, and I like them, and save them and look at what’s trending right now. I love Asian-American influencers, especially @urmomashley, @IsabelleSung and @bestdressed, if you want some recommendations.

What advice do you have for people who might want to start a YouTube channel or be an influencer?

I’d say to not be afraid of judgement and focus on what you are passionate about. You should just post what you want.