House of Representatives to host Trick or Treat, Runway for Riley event


Riley Laferriere

According to Allie Wolf, Cabinet member and senior, there are two main events occurring in the next month, including Trick or Treat for Riley and Runway for Riley.

Wolf said the House of Representatives is hosting Runway for Riley on Nov. 12. The event will showcase local brands and pop-up shops. Members will have a chance to earn points for attending the event.

In addition to Runway for Riley, the club will host Trick or Treat for Riley on Oct. 29, according to Sarah Wolff, House of Representatives sponsor. Members can earn 15 points for the event; they can earn five points for donating bags of candy by Oct. 27, five points for recruiting children attendees and five points for volunteering.

Wolff said the Trick or Treat event includes various stations and a haunted trail. She said the setup process requires more effort because the haunted trail is in the woods.

“I think trying to decorate a classroom versus a forest is a big challenge,” Wolff said. “I think we’ve adjusted to that well, and (the trail) has become a big attraction (for the event).”

Wolf said she likes the event and said it is a way for House members to become more involved. She said the club members are the backbone of the event.

“I think getting to work with our House members is extra fun,” Wolf said. “I think a lot of times House can feel a little bit disconnected. (Usually, House members) are just attending the event, not doing the behind the scenes work. When I was a House member, I loved this event because it is more hands-on.”

Allie Wolf participates in homecoming activities at the Tailgate for Life, a recent House of Representatives event. Wolf said she enjoys events like these and likes connecting with other members of the club.