Academic SuperBowl to host meeting on Nov. 16 with new captains

Sophia Zhang

Academic SuperBowl to host a meeting on Nov. 16 with the newly announced captains. According to staff sponsor James Ziegler, this meeting will provide time for captains to work together with their teams.

“Our next full meeting will be Nov. 16 and that will be our last one before Thanksgiving break,” Ziegler said. “We’ll get everybody together, teams will have time to work in their various subject areas, we’ll continue doing ice breakers to try to get people talking, getting to know one another better.”

Ziegler said he was impressed by the applicants this year and feels confident in the work they will provide for the club.

“(It was) a really qualified group… I was really impressed with our captain interviews. All of them seem to have strong backgrounds in terms of the content areas which they’re representing,” Ziegler said.

The new subject area captains this year are math captain Falak Raheja, social studies captain Michelle Kim, science captain Shreya Krishnan, interdisciplinary captain Sahaana Nishkarn, fine arts captain Oliver Zhu, and English captain Kathryn (Katie) Maurer.

Oliver Zhu, fine arts captain and junior, said he became captain because he wanted to try leading in a new context and he wanted a challenge.

“I wanted to become captain because I wanted to try my hand at leading in a fresh and new context which in this case was Academic SuperBowl and its specific format and setting,” Zhu said. “I am very comfortable in leadership positions and would like to take on this new challenge.”

“One of the things I really like about this group of applicants was their willingness to work with anybody and everybody, wanting to see our program continue to grow, and wanting to create a safe space that’s welcoming for students to come,” Ziegler said. “(That’s) something that makes practices enjoyable and a fun event and atmosphere, too.”