Elise Varhan
Hi, my name is Elise Varhan and this is my first year on staff! I’m very excited to be a graphic designer for this year’s Student Section! In my free time, you can find me playing tennis, reading, traveling, and hanging out with my friends! Make sure to keep an eye out for my graphics in the newspaper!

Elise Varhan, Student Section Graphic Artist

Dec 12, 2020
Many teenagers develop sense of individuality, confidence by dressing differently than popular fashion due to personal styles, experiences (Media)
Nov 11, 2020
In light of Veterans Day, military connection greatly impacts military families, veterans (Media)
Oct 19, 2020
Take a look at some simple DIY costume ideas (Story)
Sep 16, 2020
In honor of child safety month, students share their experiences as high schoolers with siblings in elementary school, the changes they have had to make in their care toward their siblings. (Media)
Sep 11, 2020
2020-21 Weekly Infographics (Media)