RUNNING DOWN THE COMPETITION: Men’s track and field team hopes to defend State title

Senior Ben Veatch runs along the track at practice. Veatch said he believes that, due to their hard work, the team will reach state and receive deserved recognition for their efforts. 


April 21, 2016

According to Theodore “Teddy” Browning, varsity men’s track team member and senior, many people do not believe the CHS men’s track and field team is anything special, despite winning the IHSAA State championship last June. “It’s kind of weird because even though we won last year, and we w...

MIXED MARTIAL MANIA: CHS students participate in growing trend of mixed martial arts athletic training

George Nae, mixed martial arts instructor and owner of the House of Martial Art, demonstrates a choke hold on a member of his class. Nae said he believes that MMA can be safer than other fighting disciplines if done correctly. KELSEY ATCHESON // PHOTO


April 21, 2016

Tyler poulson, mixed martial arts (MMA)  student and sophomore, started doing MMA this past July at the House of Martial Arts and has since come to love the sport. “I just got into it because I was bored, and I had read some books that talked about martial arts, and I thought it was really cool ...

LEARNING LACROSSE: Get to know the men’s lacrosse team at the start of its upcoming season

Ryan Newey, varsity lacrosse player and senior, 
practices shooting during afterschool training. Newey has played on the team for all four years of high school. 


March 18, 2016

On march 13, the CHS men’s lacrosse team began its 17th season, but this is a fact that might surprise some students at CHS. As members of the organization said,  despite its longevity, CHS doesn’t really know the team. “It’s good to be on the lacrosse team,” Ryan Newey, varsity team member and senio...

Playing the Social Game: Student athletes take precautions on social media in order to properly represent CHS

Men’s varsity basketball player and junior Sterling Brown shoots a basket. Unlike many of his teammates, Brown chooses not use social media. 


February 19, 2016

Like many CHS students, men’s varsity basketball player and senior Preston Flamion uses social media, but as Flamion is a spotlight player on the varsity basketball team, he has become more cautious of his posts. With over 400 followers on Twitter, such as Flamion’s head coach Scott Heady and ...

GENEROUS GENETICS: CHS athletes discuss whether stereotypically beneficial traits offer an advantage in sports

Women’s varsity basketball player and junior Olivia Christy stands back to back with men’s varsity basketball player and senior Trenton Richardson. Although Christy is only 5’5” while Richardson stands at 6’8”, they are both able to play on the varsity team of a sport which stereotypically favors tall athletes. 


February 19, 2016

For as long as  Trenton Richardson, men’s varsity basketball player and senior, can remember, he has always been tall.  “A lot of people are like, ‘How tall are you?’ or ‘Do you play basketball?’” Richardson began to play in fourth grade. He said he saw the sport as fun and something ...

Select members of the CHS cross-country team will compete in Nike Midwest Regionals this Sunday

RACE TO THE TOP: Megan Kress, varsity cross country runner and senior, cools down at practice. She hopes her team’s practice will pay off at Nike Midwest Regional.


November 13, 2015

This sunday, both the men’s and women’s cross-country teams will travel to Terre Haute for the Nike Cross Country Midwest Regionals. The top seven runners from both teams will compete in Sunday’s meet, battling cross-country clubs from all across Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Missouri....

Choose a college for more than just its sports division

The views in this column do not necessarily reflect the views of the HiLite staff. Reach Kari Truax at ktruax@hilite.org


November 13, 2015

At a school where State titles are the norm and many athletes are bound for a division one collegiate career before they set foot on a CHS court or field, athletes committed to division two and three schools can feel unimportant. As a senior, almost every time I open Instagram, I find myself liking another...

Skating Out of Norms: Junior Ali Sinnett joins the Carmel Ice Hounds, a predominately male team

Skating Out of Norms:  Junior Ali Sinnett joins the Carmel  Ice Hounds, a predominately male team


October 9, 2015

She waits right next to the locker room, dressed in full hockey gear. The Carmel Icehounds Blue team is about to start its daily pre-practice talk, but they are one player short. Then, a coach opens the locker room door to let her know she can come inside. In a sport that oozes testosterone, junior Ali Sin...

Recent developments in coaching gender equality causes Carmel to analyze its own coaching staff

HUDDLE UP: Head women’s volleyball coach, Matt Fishman, discusses strategy with his players. The women’s volleyball team is one of the many female teams at CHS with a male coach.


September 16, 2015

Recently, female coaches have been dominating headlines everywhere for attaining coaching positions on male professional sporting teams. Becky Hammon was not only hired as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs, but also led them on to victory during the NBA’s Las Vegas summer league tournament....

Summer training leads chs students and athletes to a healthy lifestyle

Summer training leads chs students  and athletes to a healthy lifestyle


May 21, 2015

Summer training leads CHS  students and athletes to a healthy lifestyle. As school is coming to an end, Ethan Lee, soccer player and freshman, prepares himself for a summer filled with fun, friends and fitness. Like many other students at CHS, Lee finds summer nutrition a necessity to stay in shape. ...

Women’s tennis team aims for third consecutive state title

Women’s tennis team aims  for third consecutive state title


April 23, 2015

Young and new faces will be the norm as members of the women’s tennis team attempt to win a third consecutive IHSAA State championship in their upcoming season. Molly Fletchall, tennis player and senior, said “our varsity team is very different this year. We only lost one player last year and we...