Summer training leads chs students and athletes to a healthy lifestyle

Summer training leads chs students  and athletes to a healthy lifestyle


Summer training leads CHS  students and athletes to a healthy lifestyle. As school is coming to an end, Ethan Lee, soccer player and freshman, prepares himself for a summer filled with fun, friends and fitness. Like many other students at CHS, Lee finds summer nutrition a necessity to stay in shape. He has found that training over the summer has helped him heading into the fall season. Lee said summer training requires dedication and sacrifices, but it can be rewarding.

“Summer training helped me a lot to make varsity my first year,” Lee said. “While other kids were out, I was at the fields doing whatever I can with a ball. Some may think otherwise, but I think sacrificing those things in summer for varsity was worth it.”

Janae Curnutt, health and physical education teacher, said that whether you play a sport or not, summer nutrition is important. She said the best way to stay active and healthy is to find something you and love and would be willing to do on a daily basis.

“You have to love what you are doing. If you don’t, every good routine will eventually come to an end and you will be right back where you started. For some, they love running, yoga, swimming, playing a pickup basketball game or lifting. If that is the case, do it. Do whatever you love and listen to your body. ” Curnutt said.

Along with Lee, dancer and junior Josie Brown stays in shape by attending dance and conditioning classes. She said she is a strong believer in not only exercise over the summer, but also nutrition.

“I make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and stay away from eating all junk foods. I have to make sure I eat plenty of food because if I limit myself, then I’m putting myself at risk of fainting or fatigue and I can’t complete my full workout,” Brown said.

Along with Brown, Curnutt said it is important to eat healthy and listen to your body, but she does not believe counting calories is the way to do it.

Curnutt said, “Nutrition is vital to how your body feels and reacts to everyday life. I believe good nutritious habits are important. However, I also believe in balance and being mentally healthy. I don’t necessarily believe counting calories is beneficial, but rather pay attention to your macronutrients.”

Both Lee and Brown said that in order to stick to a summer routine they have to find something that keeps them motivated. Lee said that focusing on the upcoming season and winning a state title keeps him on track, while Brown says that her clases she takes and desire to be the best dance she can be keep her motivated.

Lee said, “Everyday I go to the soccer fields and either train to get ready for the high school season or just to play with my friends. I also swim in my free time to work all muscle groups. Working out has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle and helps prepare me for the season.”

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