The Carmel Christkindlmarkt will open to the general public on Nov. 20 after being canceled last year due to SARS-COV-2 safety concerns. Maria Murphy, market master and CEO of the Carmel Christkindlmarkt  said, “We really are excited to have our guests back and hope everyone comes and could enjoy the holiday season together.”

Carmel Christkindlmarkt to change after two-year hiatus, student, teacher express involvement in maintaining cultural accuracy

Raghav Sriram and Aniket Biswal November 12, 2021

The Christkindlmarkt is a longstanding tradition of Germanic culture that celebrates the holiday season with antique shops, food stalls, and gift stores. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation...

TERRIFIC TEAM: Junior Joey Duncan (second from left) fist bumps one of his teammates during his soccer game. Duncan said everyone is included when playing recreational soccer.

Students, coach consider benefits of participating in recreational sports

Aniket Biswal and Andrew Caito April 14, 2021

Junior Joey Duncan can not wait to start playing recreational soccer after spring break is over. He said it's been almost two years since he has last played soccer just for fun. This is because the COVID-19...

Athletic trainer Chad Bergman helps to adhere tape on an athlete to help prevent future injuries. Bergman said, Bergman said he likes his job as an athletic trainer primarily because it allows him to dwell on his love of both sports and helping others.

In light of National Athletic Training month, students, trainers discuss importance of its role in shaping athletes

Hannah Baer March 12, 2021

Athletic trainer and senior Jessica Frazer, has helped out with the men’s basketball team and the women’s soccer teams. She said her responsibilities vary.  “I am in charge of monitoring injuries...

Q&A with Physics teacher David James on AP schedule

Q&A with Physics teacher David James on AP schedule

Aniket Biswal March 8, 2021

David James, Physics teacher  How do you feel about the adjusted AP exam schedule this year? “I’m very happy with it. I was very worried because of our hybrid schedule (because) we were originally...

Maddie Quigley,
women’s soccer
player and junior,
prepares to kick
the ball during
a match against
North Central.
Quigley said she
has missed three
seasons due to
hip surgeries.
She said, “Missing soccer
is definitely very
draining ... It’s
very hard to
watch people
play and not be
able to.

Athletes, trainers reflect on experiences with surgeries, recovery process

Austin Guo February 14, 2021

Swimmer and senior Brooke Zurcher knew something was wrong when she was training with the swim team. Her heart was beating unusually fast during workouts. When she consulted a cardiologist, her cardiologist...

Avery Jarosinski (right), lacrosse player and junior, poses for a picture with her teammates junior Anna Moore (left) and junior Ally Bailey (middle). Jarosinski said although the team is doing at- home workouts, they were not the same as normal practices afterschool before the COVID-19 break.

Athletes, athletic director reflect on overarching effect of coronavirus on sports

Aniket Biswal March 28, 2020

Ever since March 13, COVID-19 has affected every aspect of life at CHS, including athletics. According to Athletics Director Jim Inskeep, athletes won’t have any events, practice on school grounds or...

Amit Manchella, track runner and sophomore, eats lunch at school before going to practice in the afternoon. Manchella said that his diets purpose is to keep at his current weight.

Since March is national nutrition month, athletes, coaches speak out on the importance of nutrition, health management during the season and the off-season.

Aniket Biswal February 21, 2020

said he devotes a lot of time toward keeping his body fit for wrestling. Because of this, he said he takes particular care of his nutrition and makes sure he is eating healthy.  He said, “During...

Junior Bing Hudson (left) and sophomore Charlie Schuman run laps in the field across from Murray Stadium and the Natatorium parking lot. “We don’t meet in December after a lengthy cross-country season, so the boys are excited to meet up in the locker room, run together, and get guidance from our coaches. It is a really good atmosphere that the boys build during the offseason,” Head Coach Colin Altevogt said.

Although track season starts mid-February, varsity runners train in tough conditions during winter months

Aniket Biswal January 23, 2020

The track season starts in mid-February, but for many varsity runners preparations for the season starts much earlier than that. According to the athletes, those unofficial practices—which are often...

Lined Up:
Ty Wise, varsity football player (number 37), IU commit and senior plays outside linebacker at the Semi-State game on Nov. 22. Wise said he likes the rule change.

Committed athletes at CHS reflect on NCAA rule changes allowing players to be paid by third parties for their namesake

Aniket Biswal December 12, 2019

Ever since the start of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) in 1910, college athletes have never had the opportunity to make profits off of their games. This has created controversy in...

Men’s junior varsity basketball team opens season with win over Zionsville

Aniket Biswal December 4, 2019

The men’s junior varsity basketball team won their opening game against Zionsville on Nov. 26 by six points on the road. According to Lucas Lemme, men's JV basketball player and sophomore, the team...

Playing After School

Playing After School

Robbie Ge September 20, 2019

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