Athletes, athletic director reflect on overarching effect of coronavirus on sports

Avery Jarosinski (right), lacrosse player and junior, poses for a picture with her teammates junior Anna Moore (left) and junior Ally Bailey (middle). Jarosinski said although the team is doing at- home workouts, they were not the same as normal practices afterschool before the COVID-19 break.

Aniket Biswal

March 28, 2020

Ever since March 13, COVID-19 has affected every aspect of life at CHS, including athletics. According to Athletics Director Jim Inskeep, athletes won’t have any events, practice on school grounds or host any scrimmages until we return back to school. He said most coaches have given athletes individual ...

Since March is national nutrition month, athletes, coaches speak out on the importance of nutrition, health management during the season and the off-season.

Amit Manchella, track runner and sophomore, eats lunch at school before going to practice in the afternoon. Manchella said that his diet's purpose is to keep at his current weight.

Aniket Biswal

February 21, 2020

said he devotes a lot of time toward keeping his body fit for wrestling. Because of this, he said he takes particular care of his nutrition and makes sure he is eating healthy.  He said, “During the season, I try particularly hard not to eat anything that might make me add weight because I...

Although track season starts mid-February, varsity runners train in tough conditions during winter months

Junior Bing Hudson (left) and sophomore Charlie Schuman run laps in the field across from Murray Stadium and the Natatorium parking lot. “We don’t meet in December after a lengthy cross-country season, so the boys are excited to meet up in the locker room, run together, and get guidance from our coaches. It is a really good atmosphere that the boys build during the offseason,” Head Coach Colin Altevogt said.

Aniket Biswal

January 23, 2020

The track season starts in mid-February, but for many varsity runners preparations for the season starts much earlier than that. According to the athletes, those unofficial practices—which are often outside—are frequently cold and difficult but also necessary. Charlie Schuman, track runner and sophomore,...

Committed athletes at CHS reflect on NCAA rule changes allowing players to be paid by third parties for their namesake

Lined Up:
Ty Wise, varsity football player (number 37), IU commit and senior plays outside linebacker at the Semi-State game on Nov. 22. Wise said he likes the rule change.

Aniket Biswal

December 12, 2019

Ever since the start of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) in 1910, college athletes have never had the opportunity to make profits off of their games. This has created controversy in the sporting community about whether collegiate athletes should be allowed to gain money from endorsements,...

Men’s junior varsity basketball team opens season with win over Zionsville

Aniket Biswal

December 4, 2019

The men’s junior varsity basketball team won their opening game against Zionsville on Nov. 26 by six points on the road. According to Lucas Lemme, men's JV basketball player and sophomore, the team struggled in the first half, but was able to get back in the game and eventually win. He said, “...

ComedySportz prepare for final home games

Members of ComedySportz act out comedy scenes to entertain the crowd in the Studio Theater on March 18. This group practiced their acts since September, and still have two more games to perform at.

Aniket Biswal

April 18, 2019

The ComedySportz team is preparing for their final performances at home basketball games for the school year. The dates for these games are April 25 to 26 at 7 p.m. for each game and each ticket costs $5. ComedySportz is a pregame show in which students perform comedy acts to entertain the crowd. Previ...

After winter performance, theater group moves on to ComedySportz

Aniket Biswal

March 1, 2019

On February 7 to 9, the theater group had conducted a winter performance called “Aladdin”. Jim Peterson, the director of the play, said that he felt proud of his team and group of what they did for that play, especially with some time lost from snow days. Now, the next items on the list is ComedySp...

Aladdin ready to perform

Aniket Biswal

February 6, 2019

The play Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp will premiere February 7-9, each starting at 7 p.m. in the Dale E. Graham auditorium at CHS. The play is directed by James Peterson, a theater instructor at CHS, and who is taking over the role from Maggie Cassidy, the director of the fall play. The group began reh...

As new semester starts, theater looks forward to spring productions

Aniket Biswal

January 23, 2019

After the winter production, students are now looking ahead to spring productions that will take place in March and April. Students are coming back from winter break, where they may have lost some of their skills. Now, students will begin to practice more and more for their upcoming shows, allowing the...

Fall play right around the corner

Aniket Biswal

November 10, 2018

The fall production, The Sparrow, is about to premiere next week at the high school auditorium. It showcases on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of next week. Right now, the theater group is putting the final touches on their production and they are getting ready to perform at the big stage. Allie Crawford, the...